We offer two types of eyelash extensions – Classic mink eyelash extensions known as 1 on 1 and advanced technique Russian Volume mink eyelash extensions (please note they’re handmaded not premade) known as 2D – 9D eyelash extensions.
CLASSIC MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS is 1 eyelash extension applied to 1 natural eyelash. Treatment takes up to 1,5 hour and we recommend infill every 3 weeks .
RUSSIAN VOLUME MINK EYELASH EXTENSIONS known as 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D, 8D, 9D etc. Russian volume is an advanced application technique where super fine lashes are applied to 1 natural lash. This technique contains a lot of nuance and requires a significant amount of skill compared to classic eyelash extensions. Russian Volume Lashes consist of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. A bouquet of lashes (between 2 and 6 extensions) are handmade and applied to each natural lash. This results in a very fluffy set of around 400 to 600 lashes per eye. For 3D Volume set you will get around 300 eyelash extensions applied to each eye, 4D around 400 etc., rather than the regular 80-100 extensions per eye with the classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. The extensions used are even lighter, and finer, which means multiple lashes can be applied without damaging the lash, looking “clumpy”, or feeling too heavy. As there are significantly more lashes per natural lash. Volume Lashes will last much longer before you will notice that you require a infill. Volume Lashes are known to last six to twelve weeks or indefinitely if maintained with infill. Be Aware Russian Volume Lashes are NOT, cluster lashes, Y lashes or W lashes. Volume lashes are an advanced technique in the beauty industry.
GLUE Medical Grade Eyelash Adhesives – Ultra Platinum Strong, Medium and Sensitive glue. All of my glues are free from latex, tested to medical standards and offer class leading durability.